losing a whole year

i'm just sitting here watching whose line is it anyways with my friend. tomorrow's going to be an early day!.. my spanish class is helping put on spanish day so i'm going to be working that. i get to see a lot of people from my high school..but i'm really excited to see my old spanish teacher.. she was awesome!

i got back an hour or so ago from the third eye blind concert. it was alright.. i knew like 5 songs so when those came on it was fun. otherwise, it was just okay. i had fun though and it was definitely something different to do!

so that comment on my previous post got me all shook up. i'm kind of stupid because i ask for people's opinions and i'm pretty emotionally fragile. i need to toughen up! lol.. oooh well. i do want to clear things up though.. i do NOT promote sex before marraige. i'm not proud of having sex before marraige either and having a child out of wedlock. babies are MIRACLES though. and i think that it's a beautiful thing.

that's all for tonight. i have to get some rest! good night all :)
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  1. BoatDrink

    M, I am so sorry Codger felt it was appropriate to speak to you in that way.

    You handled it very well. I am not sure I could have held on to my anger if I were in your position.

    Codger is right that children being raised in a single parent household are definately at a disadvantage. However, you said that your family is rallying around you and offering support. If you have strong family ties and you honestly believe you will not be going it alone, raising this child, then you actually have more to offer this child than just a mother and a father. Many families are forced to have both parents working anyway so a lot of children spend their early years in day care. Yes, as a working mother, we miss out on a lot. BUT with love, attention, stability, and discipline our children have the same opportunities as those whose mother gets to stay home with them. In fact, the few children I have met whose mother got to stay home with them were actually at a disadvantage socially.

    Please do not allow C’s harsh words to sway you in any way. Again, I work closely with an adoption agency and I work with young girls considering adoption. I am a BIG fan of adoption. My daughter is nearly 15 years old and has so many more opportunities than I could have offered her as a 17 yr old kid. You should definately try to look at this objectively… what is right for your child? But don’t forget, what ever decision you make is one you will have to live with the rest of your life.

    March 25, 2010
  2. benlangdon

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