mm.. starbucks

hey everryonnnne :)

i'm just sitting here drinking a smoothie from starbucks. i'm bummed cuz i can't my usual green tea latte (since it has caffeine), but this is pretty dang good!

my speech is in less than 24 hours!! ahhhh so nervous. i have the outlines printed out and now i'm just trying to make it long enough. i also have to look professional, so my friends have been dressing me and that's kind of been fun. i'm going to be going to church in an hour.. i wanted to go this morning but i slept.

guess who called me this morning? yup, he did. i deleted his number out of my phone and i was sleeping, so he was like hey and i said, "who is this?" hahaha :P so he goes.."so you deleted me off of fb and your phone?" then i woke up pretty fast after i realized who it was. we talked a lot. he said he didn't call cuz he wanted to give us both time to cool down. understandable. he didn't think i'd last as long as i did. i wasn't even the one who gave in! so i'm really proud of myself. :) and he was surprised too. i also asked him about that girl. he said that a few days ago she readded him on fb and asked him how he was doing and if it was okay to add him. that's the last time they talk and he said it's not like they will talk or hang out or anything. do i believe him? kinda. i want to, but who knows. i'll keep my guard up. so we got off the phone on good terms and i was all happy. we texted a few hours later and i asked him what was happening between us, relationship-wise... if we were going to try to work things out and get back together. he said "i dunno" NOT what i wanted to hear of course... :( but then i said that i'll take that as a no.. and he said he just wants to see how everything goes. i get that.. i mean we have been fighting a lot. how could we make things work if all we do is fight? i hope we do get back together. ughh. i love him just as much as when we were dating and everything was good. i'm just happy we're back to talking again.. i missed him.

gotta go practice my speech. wish me luck!
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Comments (1)

  1. sl_girl84

    I say give it time. He is probably getting a lot of stress with his parents and stuff and doesn’t know what to do about anything. ( I read all your blogs ). Don’t expect anything from him much. Take it a day at a time. As for the adoption in your past blogs, myself I have no kids. I wouldn’t let anyone choose for me, like Rae said in your comments that is a very personal choice. That’s your choice. Babies are amazing and a blessing from God. That is your choice! Stay strong and be careful with the guy.. he sounds like he doesn’t know what the heck he wants!!!

    March 30, 2010
  2. hatut1936
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    March 16, 2017