new moon

i just want to sleep until everything is better again. life can be so frustrating :( i've been on the verge of breaking down for about a month now. i think i'm going to crack very, very soon.

yesterday was a semi-decent day. i slept in, got a good work out in-- 45 minutes cardio--, went to professor paranormal which was pretty cool.. freaked me out a bit too :P lol, and went to my friend's house for a little party. everyone was drink except me of coursee.. and it was all couples. except for me. it made me miss nate so much. my roomate came and got me and we got back to our room and watched new moon. f u edward cullen! all perfect and such. i fell asleep around 3.

this morning i woke up to see that nate's friends with that stupid girl on fb again. she's the one that got in the way in the way right when i found out i was pregnant. we had a couple fights and then he told her that it was in everybody's best interest to stop talking to her and she got mad and deleted him off of fb and they were over. but now it's day 5 of us not talking and i may or may not have done some creeping:P haha creeping gets me into trouble.. but they're friends again. i despise this girl so much! i know its immature and i really should be hating him. i really can't help it though. she called me a bitch and that was the end of me going to be nice. nate and i aren't dating anymore so i have no right to say anything about her. so i'm stuck. i feel like just giving up. i love and hate him at the same time, i swear. if anybody knew him before this all happened, they would have thought he would have been the perfect father (under the circumstances). i thought so too. nate and i need to get our crap together.

i have to work on a psych presentation. my speech is on monday and i'm really, really nervous.
hope everyone has a good day.
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  1. wintelf66

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    March 20, 2017