hey how's everyone doing?

today was a very uneventful & lazy day. this morning was sort of fun though.. i went to spanish day by 9 and i worked the "agencia de viajes" (travel agent) i didn't realize how much i've surpassed high schoolers in speaking spanish. it feels kind of nice! lol if you speak english there, we're supposed to call the policia and the kids get arrested. it's pretty funny. my high school was also there.. some girls were of course doing the staring and pointing thing. word's gotten around that i'm pregnant so i'm assuming that's what that's about, but oh well. it's going to happen sooner or later! i'm not showing at all yet though. i've heard that i'll probably start to show around 4-5 months so i have 2 more months before buyin more clothes! i'm kind of excited to have a baby bump though :)

other than spanish day, i came back and took a giant nap. then i went to my music class and waited around for jen so we could go to dinner. then we were going to work out but then i fell asleep AGAIN and started against it. i need to stop being so lazy and get my butt back to working out! daaaangit. hehe :p

alright, well i'm gonna start a powerpoint presentation i have monday. i'm so nervous!! i'm terrible at speaking in front of a bunch of people!.. especially for 15-20 minutes. after that, i'm going to have a party and celebrate the start of my summer.. because all of my stressful (school) stuff will be finisheddd!!! :D yayayay!

good night all!
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Comments (1)

  1. Victoria016

    Awe! Congrats on bein pregnant, ha yeah nothin stays a secret in high school! Lol

    March 25, 2010
  2. BoatDrink

    Take all the naps you can for now. Once that baby gets here you will be just as tired with a lot less opportunities! grin Have a great day,

    March 26, 2010
  3. sofiadixson

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    March 27, 2017