polar opposites

hey everyone

sorry i haven't really written. it's been a tough couple of weeks. i'm slowly but surely getting through and becoming happier each day.

to recap everything..

we all know i wanted him back.. i missed him. this last weekend, i went to visit my friend where she goes to school. i had one of the best weekends i ever had in a long, long time. i needed it so bad. i also got to hang out with my old friend and it was like we were in high school again. i loved it. and that weekend showed me that i'm going to be just fine. i'm not over him, but i know i will be and that i'll be okay again. want to know what he texted me? i cant be without you and i want to be with you. he's been begging me to take him back. i just can't do it though.. i wish i could. i'm just strong enough now that i know i can't put myself in that kind of a situation again. he lied, went to another girl, and didn't support me when i wanted to keep my baby. i was constantly stressed. he is the one i needed complete support from and i didn't get it. i understand people make mistakes.. but this is something i can't forget. i told him maybe sometime in the future but i can't right now. i told him not to wait for me and he said he definitely is going to. i feel soo soo bad.. he's hurt me a million times but i can't stand to hurt him once. it's hard.. but i know i have to do it. another thing.. none of my friends or family like him. they are the ones who were there for me and kept me going through everything. they know what's best for me. he wrote my family a letter and apologized and said he is on the way to changing.. that he is going to show us with his actions. my mom said she appreciates the letter but theres no way that she can ever forget what happened.. she saw how much i was hurting and it just shows that we aren't meant to be together. it's hard.. i know i need to do this.. but i feel terrible.

on  a happier note, i'm pretty sure i got accepted into the nursing program. :)! woo hoo. fresh start.

i hope everybodys doing good! :)
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Comments (1)

  1. Fensie06

    Congrats on the acceptance into the nursing program!! Stay strong, if he wasn’t good for you then, chances are he probably won’t be good for you later either! Keep your chin up girl!!


    April 14, 2010
  2. conch1969

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    March 27, 2017